The Seiko Solar Series Review

SEIKO was a very early pioneer in solar watches. This Seiko solar series began in 1977, this was well before the green movement gained its strength. The company made this line knowing that a maintenance free watch was not only more eco friendly, but also had a strong untapped market. Unlike most solar products, the Seiko solar watch line does not require purely sunlight. In fact, these magnificent time pieces convert both sunlight and florescent light into power. These watches are also able to run on average of six months, but can run as long as one year in complete darkness. Once reintroduced to the light it takes a mere one minute of sunlight, or three minutes of artificial light for the watch to work as normal once again.

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SEIKO Men’s SSC081 Adventure

SSC081The SEIKO’s SSC081 watch is a classic luxury watch with a solar twist. Both the face and band can be found in different color schemes so you can make the statement you desire. The band is a soft leather accented by stitching whose color compliments the band. Like all watches in the Seiko solar line there is no battery to worry about; this allows the Adventure wearer to know that they are being as eco friendly as possible. The Adventure is also water resistant up to 100 meters or about 300 feet. As an added bonus this classic design comes with an alarm chronograph.

SEIKO Men’s SNE039 (Black)

SNE039The SNE039, is one of their top sellers. The stainless steel band and black face accentuate on another beautifully. This watch provides comfort and precision time without the high maintenance, and is perfect for any occasion. The SNE039 is water resistant up to 99 feet or about 30 meters.

SEIKO Men’s SSC017 Dive Chronograph

SSC017Though it can be found in varying colors, the top selling version of the SSC017 maintain a stainless steel band with a black face, blue and black face ring. The outer ring of this piece measures in at 43mm allowing the hobby diver quick access to both their time and depth. This model boasts water resistance of up to 200 meters or 600 feet; plenty of depth for the diver in your family.

The Men’s SNE042 Two-Tone Solar Charcoal

SNE042Elegant and modern, the Two-Tone Charcoal embraces the modern age and class. It is water resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet. This extremely precise time piece has two gold stripes to accent the stainless steel band; the gold hands are breathtaking against the charcoal colored face.

SEIKO Men’s SNE109 Divers Watch


With a bold orange colored face and white hands held together by a sturdy black rubber band this time piece is truly unique. A much more modern version of the Dive Chronograph, the SNE109 Solar Dive will reach the same depths and has the same measurements. However, this magnificent piece is also popular with younger audiences.




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